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Girls have ideas that will change the world. 

But women make up only 9.9% of the industry that builds it. 

It’s time to rebuild the ratio.


Despite interest from a young age, women continue to be underrepresented in STEM related fields.

While 74% of teen girls show interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math –
women make up only 28% of the current STEM workforce. In construction, women represent only 9.9% of the workforce.


At Suffolk, women make up 28% of our organization. We pledge to improve that ratio.

Our Pledge

Suffolk’s commitment to increasing
women's representation in STEM.

10% growth of women at Suffolk

10-year partnership with Girl Scouts of Eastern MA & YouthBuild Boston

10% participation in STEM program

Suffolk pledges to increase the number of women in our workforce from 28% to 38% in the next 10 years.

Suffolk is entering a 10-year partnership with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and YouthBuild Boston to scale nationally.

Suffolk, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, and YouthBuild Boston pledge to bring 10% of all Girl Scouts in Eastern Massachusetts through the curriculum in 10 years.

Our National Partnership

We’re going to build and develop a talent pipeline that fosters future generations of girls’ and young women’s interest in STEM.


Our 10-Year Partnership, a collaboration between Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) and YouthBuild Boston (YBB), will develop a national Suffolk Construction 101 Curriculum customized for girls 5-17 years of age. Girl Scouts has pledged to put 2.5 million girls through this curriculum—and into the STEM pipeline—by 2025.


Through this partnership, we’ll bring STEM Career exploration to thousands of girls across the country, ultimately inspiring more girls interested in construction-related STEM careers, as they hold the potential to bridge the gender equality gap.


Get Involved


Explore conversations featuring women leaders across industries and practices – ranging from STEM to filmmaking, and more.